Molokai Mahina 2.0 Team


For our STEM outreach project we wanted to make an effort to show the Molokai people how they already use STEM in their everyday life. We wrote an article for our local newspaper and included a photo essay of pictures we took all over the island of different STEM products. (See picture below)

The Molokai Dispatch also put an article in about the Molokai Mahina 2.0's progress in this competition which helped us educate people on STEM and our project. You can view that article here:

In addition we have a facebook group started that has several hundred Molokai fans, many of which were added by us, who do not know what STEM or MoonBots is all about. This has been a great opportunity to outreach to some people in a social media they are comfortable with.

Finally our team created a Public Service Announcement that will be aired on Hawaiis public access channel that will reach many of the people of Molokai as well as people on the surrounding islands in the state of Hawaii.

Our goal was to show people that STEM is something they are already using everyday and it is not scary or intimidating. We think we acheived our goal for this project, plus it was a new and innovative idea, so we were happy to do it!

Check out our Public Service Announcement that will be played on TV stations all across Hawaii here:

Also, here is Alex talking about the article we had put in the paper written by her explaining to the 7000 people on Molokai how they already use STEM in their everyday lives.

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