Molokai Mahina 2.0 Team 

Our CAD Project

 Our Lego Digital Design File:

moonbots_2011.lxf moonbots_2011.lxf
Size : 20.289 Kb
Type : lxf

 Our robot is slightly different from our CAD. The back basket uses rubber bands instead of red axles and we used treads instead of tires, however those items are not available for use in LEGO Digital Designer. 

We loved our robot design this year! With the four sets of treads it was able to easily maneuver over the crater ridge with no problem at all. The arm was able to lift the elements and move them back over the robot and place them securely in our basket. We were inspired by the design of a garbage truck and used that to help us decide on this design.

Last year we used tires instead of treads and our robot was not able to go over the crater ridge. This was our biggest challenge last year and we wanted to definitely overcome the challenge this year! We were so excited to be able to do it this year!!

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