Molokai Mahina 2.0 MoonBots

 Robot Challenge

 For the Robot portion of this competition we started off with a great plan which was to exit the lauch pad, collect two elements, go over the crater ridge, collect two more elements, survive the POEL, go into the small crater and collect two more elements, go into the big crater and collect 4 more elements and then turn to take the snapshot of the artifacts and return to base with all elements, HOWEVER we experienced a great deal of frustration (see youtube videos) with our robots ability to perform a program consistently. We decided after weeks of frustration to go with a strategic program instead of a high scoring program. 

Our strategy was to exit the base, collect two elements, turn take the snapshot of the artifacts, and return to base all while capturing the mission video. This we were able to program with very little problems.

One thing we realize now is that there is a compass sensor that will allow you to program the robot for a specific direction (thanks Judge James for sharing that info with us!) unfortunately we didnt have that sensor, but we are hoping that we can locate one and use it for next years competition! :)  

Here is the video of our robot completing the Robot Challenge on August 18, 2011.

Here is the snapshot of the Artifacts that the Robot collected during its mission.  

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